off day

{an icee: this is what consoles my peanuts on their off days}

 i believe in off days. i have them too often not to believe in them.

today was an off day. i knew it was going to be the moment i woke up and found myself in a bathroom sans toilet paper. i hate those moments. there i was pantless calling for mya to dig through the broom cupboard for a new roll. talk about humility in its finest moment. i was grateful for mya right then.

there was nothing particularly good or bad about the rest of the morning, but all four of us were just off. i found myself biting my tongue a little more than normal. i also found myself hugging two very emotional girls more than i usually do. i would've reveled in their cuddles except they were accompanied by such fake cries that i just had to keep myself from outwardly cringing. 

the day came to a roaring stop close to noon when i attempted to join friends at a nearby playgroup and found myself cursing my dead car. someone left a light one--probably me. i am so forgetful these days. i didn't have the heart to tell mya she wouldn't be able to play with her friends and i didn't have the stomach to eat all the brownies i made for the event so i thought quick and with as much logic as i could muster and called someone with a van. she graciously let us tag along. she really saved my day because i almost cried right there in my empty driveway. 

playgroup was a much needed break from the reality i faced at home and i was sad to leave knowing i would be facing my now no-napped girls throughout the afternoon. two rather long tantrums later, all three girls fell asleep and i found myself in a rare quiet moment. i caught up on some spiritual reading and a few moments of much needed prayer just before i heard elle's piercing scream. 

thankfully tim came home early to help me deal with the whole dead car issue and he helped me laugh about me day. over an hour later and several jump attempts my car was up and running again. we packed the peanuts in the car and headed for the grocery store in search of food to fill our bare fridge. knowing how volatile the girls had been, i thought it would be wise to make our trip as quick as possible but alas, more tantrums ensued and both tim and i found ourselves shaking our heads more than anticipated. 

we put both girls in bed as soon as we arrived home because we just wanted to end this terribly off day. 

i am not a lover of off days. 

today was a rough one. 

but even as i sit here writing this rambling i must admit that there were several shining moments in my day such as seeing the flowers aunt eileen bought over thanksgiving bloom bigger and brighter, hugging genevieve oh so close after her late nap, getting down on mya's level and looking her in the eyes to help her find a solution to her different problems, gazing at the twinkling christmas lights on my lovely tree and having tim make me laugh in only the way he knows how. 

it is also on days like today that i am so grateful i married tim because instead of tsk-tsking me for saying not-so-nice-things under my breath about my day, he just laughed and said tomorrow will be better. i'm so glad my man doesn't judge me. 


  1. Amen to off days. I knew as soon as the kids came in the room and Danny let them listen to a story on the Kindle and they were being loud (while I was STILL trying to sleep)that it was going to be a rough I prayed extra hard to get me out of my "funk" Didn't pray hard enough hahaha Love you, and glad for your sense of humor and for helping me feel normal when I have days like today.

    Okay, be honest, how big of a mess is the flour to clean up? My inner child says go for it, my inner/outter mom says, why are you EVEN thinking about doing this?!

  2. Janine you probably don't remember me, but I'm Heather. I married AD, Tim's roommate. We dated and got married about the same time. I found your blog through Cathy Busby. We grew up together. I just have to let you know how refreshing I find it to read your blog where you talk about the good and the bad. It's so nice to read that other people have off days! I truly love how open and honest you are about life, and being a mom!

  3. Heather...I do remember you. Tim and I have often wondered how you two are. I hope everything is going well.


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