angels: a new tradition

Last year, Mya and I discovered the magic of flour during a snowless winter. I'd throw out a couple of cups of flour and she'd play for an hour making snow angels. Genevieve was too little to enjoy the magic last year so I couldn't wait for her to play in it this year.

Tuesday was a frigid 16 degrees. I walked outside for just a second and felt my runny nose begin to freeze. But even though it was terribly cold, there was no snow. Mya and I looked out the window and made guesses as to when the snow would fall; she's been waiting for snow since Halloween. In that moment of four year old despair, I decided to pull out the familiar flour and let the girls play.

They had a blast, and I did too. I love watching my girls discover new things.


  1. What a FUN tradition!! I love it!

  2. I love these pictures - and what a brilliant idea! Definitely something I'll think about doing with The Dot in the future! x

  3. great photos Janine! And you do have a good man (referring to the post above)


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