peanut wondering: neighborly or creepy?

Remember how I used to hate doing dishes? I don't anymore, unless I've let them get wildly out of hand and piled up on the counters. I really despise those days. Luckily, they don't occur too often anymore.

I believe I've found the cure to my distaste for dishes duty: windows over my sink. Every night I fill up my sink with hot soapy water and begin methodically washing each dish by hand. While I am blessed with a dishwasher in this wonderful Wisconsin rental, I still wash more dishes by hand. Why? I hate wasting so much water. And just looking out my front windows helps me forget how much I hate this tedious chore.

We have lived in Milwaukee for five months and thanks to my daily dish duty and my front windows, I now know when to expect my lawyer-neighbor to arrive home every night of the week. It varies from day to day and I know his schedule by heart. I feel this is particularly pertinent because he is a elderly gentleman and a widower and I don't him to go unnoticed. I also know when my handyman neighbor goes to mass each day. He must know my routine too because he always waves and smiles as he pulls in his driveway. I know what time the man around the corner takes his lunch break and when his wife gets home from her accounting job. I also know when the lame mailman takes his cigarette break on the side of my house--this information came in handy over the summer when I would quickly run to the side of my house to close all the windows to block out the stinky smell.

Tonight as I watched my familiar neighbors pull in and out of their driveways I began to wonder if all my knowledge was neighborly or creepy? Is it creepy that I know when Christmas lights turn on and off at our adjacent neighbor's house? Is it strange that I care so much about an older gentleman I hardly know anything about? Is it weird that I love my neighbor for being so loyal to his religion?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Love it!! I'm the same!! I am throwing our 3rd block party at the wnd of the month and we will do Christmas caroling! :)
    But if it is creepy I guess I'm creepy too.


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