fact and fiction

Fact: My girls are growing up faster than anticipated.
Fact: I am no longer lonely. I am slowly making friends.
Fact: I'm excited for it to snow but don't mind that it hasn't snowed yet.
Fact: Thinking about my weight and my lack of money make me grumpy really fast.
Fact: Elle slept through the night the other night and I didn't even wake up to make sure she was breathing.
Fact: I want to travel. I'm dreaming of somewhere warm with great strawberry margaritas.
Fact: My life just got brighter...we joined a gym last week.
Fact: I am missing my family so much during this time of the year. 
Fact: I have really been enjoying my time with my peanuts.

Fiction: Running two miles was a piece of cake.  
Fiction: I don't want to make a batch of sugar cookies and eat all the dough.
Fiction: My jeans fit comfortably after three months post-partum.
Fiction: I have completed all my goals this year.
Fiction: I have completed 50% of my goals this year.
Fiction: Shopping for Tim is the easiest Christmas task.
Fiction: I have stuck to my Christmas budget.

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