monday morning chatter

we just had a wonderful weekend filled with good food, great friends and a fun date to Chicago. i fell asleep last night in a crunched up l-shape on our brown leather chair. when i woke up, my body felt calm and renewed. we did so much this weekend that my body and spirit felt nearly depleted so the nap was not only appreciated, but very needed.

tim's best friend, taylor, visited milwaukee this weekend. he and dana, another one of tim's high school friends, participated in a mini-golf pub crawl downtown, but they were kind enough to schedule some time to see us. have i ever mentioned how much i love tim's friends? i do. i have practically adopted them as family. i am determined to make mya believe that taylor is one of her uncles because he basically is. he has been in her life since its beginning, and i don't see him going anywhere anytime soon.

tim and i have been blessed with such amazing life friends. sure, we make transient friends wherever we are, but we have a handful of lifers, or friends we plan to keep for life. taylor and dana are lifers. i am forever grateful for all of our lifers. they make life worth living.

my monday morning chatter: 
my friend michelle sent me this great link to a sweet christmas article: Tell me a story of Christmas
just a little something from my christmas wish list: Creme brulee torch
i love big, comfy sweaters: Marled colorblock sweater
we made these last year. i still love them: Button ornaments
i'm a sucker for a good chicken alfredo: Bowtie chicken alfredo
i've been singing this song a little too loud this year: Baby, it's cold outside

a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend: 

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