monday morning chatter

I'm a believer. I believe in little men with pointy ears that call themselves elves. I believe in a reindeer with a bright red nose that calls himself Rudolph. I believe in a jolly old man with a shaggy white beard that calls himself Santa. But more than them, I believe in Jesus Christ who calls Himself the light of the world.

He has always been my light.

I try to soak up as much light as possible during each bright Christmas season. If I could, I would pocket all the twinkle lights that adorn the houses and trees standing tall this month. Every single shining light reminds me of Him.

The past two years have been complicated. I have experienced an equal share of darkness and light. Sitting in darkness was very unsettling. There were moments where I felt like I'd die fumbling around in search of light. I felt completely exhausted and alone.

But I was never alone.

It always amazed me how in my darkest hours, a hint of light would find a way to shine. I'd cling to that light until it grew brighter and brighter. Of course, I had to work--and work dang hard--to make that light brighter. But it was worth it. Resting in the light feels so much better than sitting in the dark.

Currently, I am in a good place. I see a lot of light around me--my husband, my kids, my day job, my family, my friends, every sunrise and sunset, every friendly smile, every good book, every open window. The source of all the light in my life comes from the one true light: Jesus Christ. Over the past two years, I have been extremely driven in my desire to better my relationship with Him. It is better. So much better.

I know that He is the reason we celebrate this holiday and although I love all the other fun sentiments that accompany the word Christmas, Christ is at the center. Because of Him, we have the opportunity to be part of families--whether the families were created at birth or later in life. It is my hope that you will let the light of Christ dispel any darkness in your life and that you will enjoy this beautiful season with the ones you love. They too can help you move beyond any darkness you may be experiencing. I know because the people around me supported me and propelled me forward into more light.

my monday morning chatter
no matter where you are, you can celebrate christmas: christmas within you
wishing i had a nice dinner to wear this little piece to: magnolia maxi dress
i love these dainty flats and hope santa will put them in mya's stocking: velveteen bow shoe
this craft could easily become a sweet snow globe: gumdrop pops
this might be the year i enjoy eggnog: eggnog ladyfinger dessert
this song makes me want to snuggle closer to tim this christmas season: wintersong

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