the perfect murder

tonight i survived what i would call the perfect murder plot. to be quite clear: i was never actually in danger, but i felt like i could've been at any moment.

it all started this morning when i began my craigslist search for a bumbo for elle. i have been looking for one for some time but have been pretty lazy in my hunt. due to the fact that she will be three months old too soon, i decided it was time to get serious. so i did. i emailed every person who had recently posted a bumbo listing. 

one person responded. she told me her chair was still available and gave me her address. i quickly plugged the address into my phone and didn't think twice about it. i told her i'd be by after i helped tim get the peanuts to bed.

i left my house tonight around 7:15 and began to follow the directions on my phone. after about thirty minutes of driving, my chest began to tighten. i left the city limits and found myself in the a very wooded area. a densely wooded area. i realized i had no idea where i was or where i was going. i knew i was headed in the right direction according to my phone, but i started to question my decision to go alone and at night. i nearly turned around...i was that scared.

i decided against turning around because i hate wasting gas and time and continued on this not-so-fun adventure. the speed limit signs read 50 mph, but i was going maybe 30 mph. i had no desire to hit a deer or any other creature for that matter, and i really had no idea where i was going. my phone told me the drive should've only been about 40 minutes from start to finish but there i was nearing the hour mark and still a couple miles shy of my destination. i started to think the house didn't exist. and then when i really started to think...i thought...this would be the perfect plot to a murder.

there i was a needy mom in search of a chair for her daughter and i was just that desperate enough that i would drive a rather long distance to get one for a steal of a deal. anyone could've been emailing me. anyone could've been on the other side of the door. i hadn't given tim the address or any real information about the place i was going to so he would've been clueless as to my whereabouts. i could've died tonight.

luckily i didn't. obviously. i actually met a very nice woman who i'd probably be friends with if she didn't live so dang far away. she and her husband were so friendly and helpful that i'm secretly crossing my fingers that our paths connect again in some long as it doesn't involve another long drive through the woods.

you should know that i lost two things tonight: 1. any desire to buy things off craigslist in the foreseeable future (I don't buy things off craigslist all that often so my absence from the site will not be new, but i am definitely taking a break.) and 2. a small amount of my pride (I think it is laying somewhere between the woods and my final destination because the only thing that got me through this scary little blip in my life was singing rather loudly to Justin Bieber. There isn't a whole lot to say about that, but hey...I made it there and back and I owe a heck of a lot to the tiny popstar.)


  1. Creepy!!!! Wish I could have gone with ya! Next time call me! (I mean if there is a next time) haha glad u got one. Ours was a hand me down too. Awesomeness.

  2. Bahahahahaha I was laughing out loud....mostly cause of Justin beiber. Love you.


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