mood killer

let me be honest: i have not been as interested in or swept away by romance as i normally am since i had elle. tim has tried and tried again but i believe it's the pure exhaustion that depletes my near lifeless body at the end of the day so his attempts have not always been successful. they are always noticed though.

but this will not do. tim's love language is definitely that of physical affection so lately i have been trying to turn on my "a" game when it comes to romance. such was the case last night. we were cuddling and whispering in bed when something rather kiddish almost killed the mood. dang sippy cup. mya left it in our bed and it became wedged between us somehow. bewildered by the not-so-foreign object smashed between us, we both started laughing so hard.

dang babies. they get us every time.

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  1. I totally understand this. I've not always been the best for my poor Jason but the other day my friend posted this on her blog and I loved it. I thought it was so fun to read and so relevant to me. Just thought I'd share! Hope you guys are doing well!


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