three months

with's all about the details...the tiny details...

baby girl,

i love your bright eyes, deliciously curled toes, sweet fashion sense (thanks to your daddy), soft touch, milk-laced fingers, determined stare, happy smile, tight fists, bulging belly, sly grin, patient demeanor, soft-spoken goos and gaas and distinct smile lines. i feel an incredible kinship to you and am honored to be your mother. 

you are teaching me to move slower and with more purpose. i am teaching you how to love your sisters in a way i only know. oh how they love you just as i do. sometimes they love you too much, but you know they mean well. i see the way you smile at them; i see the way they smile at you too. you are going to be protected and cared for all your life. they will not fail you. 

oh are an angel. thank you for making me focus on the tiny details. i'd hate to miss any inch of you or any minute of your sweet existence. thank you for sleeping through the night two times already in these three short months. that is quite honestly a little miracle. thank you for allowing your dad to hold you and rock you each and every night without putting up a fuss. he loves you too, you know. he'll be your favorite soon. he is everyone's favorite around here. 

we love you. thank you for being here and for loving me without reservation. 


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