while the rest of the world continues christmas shopping.

last night i found myself tearing up again as i have so many times since hearing about the children of connecticut. alone, i drove in absolute silence to target to finish a little last minute christmas shopping and all i could think of were the siblings of the victims. the night before i had shed tears for the parents. last night, my tears were dedicated to the siblings.

it is incomprehensible to understand the pain those surviving children must be feeling. i have always sensed and continue to sense that children are wise beyond their years. they know and feel more than we give them credit for. i can't help but ache as i look through the pictures captured on the day of the shooting and these sad subsequent days. those kids miss their siblings. they will always miss them.

i have a prayer in my heart for all the people affected by this horrible tragedy. the moms and dads. the grandparents. the best friends. the cousins. but especially, the siblings.

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