a few extra tiny resolutions

{don't worry...we rang in the new year with a cold bottle of local root beer. we're rad.}

i thought of these last night while trying to get my neck to relax and my body to succumb to sleep. for some reason, my mind creates detailed and smart thoughts and sentences during the last few minutes i lie in bed awake. i'm usually just too lazy to get out of bed and write them down so i usually jot them down in my phone and hope that the next day will gift me a few minutes to pull all the ideas into one fluid paragraph. sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn't.

so here are a few more resolutions i made while waiting to sleep. this year, i hope to write more hand-written notes, learn to sew something, cook healthier dinners, shed the seven pounds clinging to my sides, smile and laugh more, curse less, birth no babies, hug my girls at least ten times a day, amuse tim, run a half marathon on these old legs of mine, keep my car cleaner than it is today, teach v the alphabet, potty train v, help mya write her letters, kiss tim like i mean it each and every night, read ten books, look up instead of down and make each day matter.

so here's to you 2013. i have a feeling this is going to be a good year even though i really despise the number 13.

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