the things they say...

It's been awhile since I wrote about Mya's lack of tact. You might think she should be improving with age, but no, she's still so honest that it hurts. I hardly cringe anymore and just allow the person to whom she directs the comment the opportunity to answer for himself/herself. The experience has been very interesting.

here you go:
--{to her preschool teacher who is about 45-50 years old} Mya: You are absolutely not beautiful today. Her teacher: Well Mya, why not? Mya: Well, look at your fingernails. They're not painted and your hands look old."

--{to a stranger in the gym bathroom} Mya: Why do you have all those screws in your face? (referring to all the piercings in her face...she had an incredible amount of piercings in her face) Stranger: Because I like them in my face. Mya: I wouldn't like them in my face. Heavenly Father gave me my face. (while I quickly tried to exit) Mya: Mom, why would she do that to her face? Me: Okay Mya, enough. She likes it like that, but you will lose your left leg if you ever do that to your face. Mya: No thanks.

--{to a stranger eating a donut at the grocery store} Mya: Are you fat? Stranger: What do you think? Mya: I think you are. Stranger: Well, I am eating a donut. Mya: I'm about to have a donut too. Bye.

My Mya is such a peach. She doles out a fair amount of zingers. She usually says the things I think, but man I do hope the tact button turns on soon.

And just as it turns on, I know Genevieve will be right there to pick up in her footsteps. She already says, "Oooookay!" (emphasis on the "o"), "Whaaat mama?", "Mama big belly." never ends. Love these girls. A lot.


  1. Kids say the darnest things, right??!! Mya is hilarious!!

  2. This is too cute! I still struggle with tact, and often find myself blushing after saying something I REALLY should have kept to myself! x


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