a giant snowcone machine

It looks like a giant snowcone machine outside. All you see is white everywhere you look. The forecast says we are supposed to get near 5 inches of snow this afternoon. Some people are already disenchanted by the snow. They want it to go away and be spring already, and while a little sunshine is always received in this house, I am really enjoying the snow. It provides a beautiful, calm scenery out my front window.

I am also very grateful for the snow because I know how much the land needs the moisture. I worry so much for the farmers of this great agricultural country. Last year they saw record heat waves. Those heat waves damaged dozens of farms and crops nationwide. Being a healthy eater, I depend on those crops. I have already seen a price jump on some of my favorite fruits and vegetables and would hate to see the prices go up again. I'm cheap...you know.

Not only do I care about my own menu, but I care about the people behind the farms. I know how much they work each year to produce whatever it is they grow and I know how much money they lose when the weather doesn't cooperate with them. So I worry for them. I remind myself that all this snow is helping someone, which helps my cooped-up spirit on blizzardy days like this.

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