my...oh my.

{this little girl also took two naps longer than 25 minutes yesterday. i think that helped my day}

somehow, yesterday ended wonderfully and i went to bed with a smile on my face. i didn't think that was possible around midday. from about 10am-3pm, i was left cursing under my breath and shaking my head sighing "my...oh my."

after preparing a fresh batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the girls, i was surprised to find a non-functioning oven. i had turned it on several minutes prior to putting the cookies in the oven and when i went to stick them in the oven, everything was still ice cold. after some investigating and guessing, i am pretty sure our gas ignitor went kaput. i was left with a large batch of my very favorite cookie dough that i quickly began snacking on. i could almost see my diet fly out the window. i managed to find a neighbor home in the afternoon and asked him if i could use his oven for a little while to bake our little treats. the kids were anxiously awaiting them.

although i was able to solve that problem, i then had to switch my dinner menu and provide an impromptu stove top meal. (i hate thinking about the dinner menu so this was a real problem.)

a half an hour later i somehow managed to spill the mac & cheese i made for lunch twice. twice??!! who does that? once in the sink while trying to drain it with a baby attached to my front and once while trying to put in the refrigerator for leftovers. i was so angry at that mac & cheese. it's good it wasn't a person because it would've received an earful.

as i cleaned up the noodly mess, it found my house oddly quiet. i walked out into my living room to find diaper rash cream smashed into my leather couch. v loves "keem" as she calls it and had it all over herself as well as my living room. i quickly wiped her down and put her down for her nap only to spend the next twenty minutes on my hands and knees scrubbing tim's favorite couch as gently as possible. 

i managed to start quiet time and nap time just after 1pm and found myself racing back and forth from my neighbors to bake the cookies before one of the babies woke up. i shoveled my fruit salad lunch in my mouth and rested my head against the wall just before i heard elle cry.

are you tired yet? i'm tired just thinking about it. i was grumpy and mad at myself, but i was determined to turn my day upside down before nightfall. and i did. i was so proud of myself.

oh the little victories of being a mom. some days the best laid plans go awry and you just have to scrap your rigid schedule and bend to the beat of a new drum. it's hard to do. anyone who tells you otherwise is just kidding themselves. but it is possible if your willing to flex your muscles and brain in different directions.

anyway, happy thursday. i can't wait for the weekend.

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  1. oh that does make me tired!!!! I'm glad your day ended on a good note :) Despite feeling sleep deprived, I got up early today and even did a 10 minute workout, which is HUGE in my book! I am going to work on my eating today. (After I had 2 bowls of Lucky Charms for breakfast and plan to make sugar cookies and rice krispie treats for tomorrow)

    Joy in the Journey right? :D

    PS I love that I get to type my name in your "not a robot" box.


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