four princesses

Four princesses live under this roof. The oldest almost always looks frazzled and tired after tending to her royal duties. The second oldest is keenly aware of her refined taste in shoes and clothes and is usually quite hormonal around the castle when things don't swing the way she wants. The next oldest is a sprite young princess and is just beginning to discover her independence. And the youngest is always bright-eyed and happy, especially when she is in the arms of her mama. 

Four princesses=lots of drama (as noted in the photo). It is nearly impossible to please each one, but we sure do give it an honest effort. It took a little while and extra coaxing to bring a smile to each face in the picture, but smiles started peeking out all throughout the night. We enjoyed an early birthday party in honor of our little Genevieve who turns two in less than a week. 

Look at that happy princess.


  1. That's a really cute picture of all of you.

  2. Four princesses...all I can think of is when puberty hits - eep! Your poor husband! ;)


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