monday evening chatter

Once upon a time I drove all twelve hours from Provo, UT to Chandler, AZ listening to one cd: Pink's Missundaztood. It was loud, obnoxious and just what I needed to get me through the back roads of Kanab and Paige. I used to be a listen-to-the-music-as-loud-as-possible type of girl. That sort of behavior would never be tolerated now because a. Tim is the absolute opposite of a Pink lover (he can't stand her) and b. it's not fun listening to loud music when my peanuts are shouting for me to turn it down.

Memories. Oh...memories.

I, like Pink, feel misunderstood this evening. As I let the water scorch my sore body after my exhausting run tonight, I thought about the human language and how people have the ability to say exactly what they want in not so many words or they can dance around what they really want to say with a whole heap of jargon. The human language is very confusing, and I'm not even talking about all the short-hand lingo surfacing on blogs and text messages everywhere. Let's not even talk about how much I hate when people use LOL, BRB, SYL, etc.

In general, I tell people just as I see it. When needed, I will soften the blow by using kinder phrases, but I can usually get my point across. Most people like this quality about me. I can understand why others do not. I am not a passive person, never have been and never plan on being so. I struggle with passive people, mostly because I don't really understand them. (Isn't this the reason behind all relationship struggles...a lack of understanding?) I am assertive to my core and find comfort in being open with others.

So tonight as I sit here in with my heart heavy and frustrated, I just wanted to write how awful it is to feel misunderstood on any level. It eats away at me until I can barely breathe. I also wanted to note how blessed I feel to know there are a handful of souls in Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah, Illinois and Wisconsin who truly get me...the real me.

my monday evening chatter: 
we watched the oscars last night while gobbling our last dish of homemade creme brulee, did you?: Oscar fashion
this show has given me too many nightmares. i don't recommend it: The Following
apparently this item is a must have for spring. why did i toss mine ten years ago: Denim Shirt
i might live in this all summer: Jersey Skirt 
my girls are going to love making this spring craft: Spring Poppy Flower Vase 
the recipe that brought us so much joy over the weekend: PW's Creme Brulee
oh...not a pink lover either...well here is her title track anyway: Missundaztood
and another one just because i know my brother loved this album too: Family Portrait

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