{easter pic 2013}

there we are in all our easter glory. beyond the bright colors and and shiny shoes are three boogery nosed girls, one crampy mommy and one very tired daddy. we didn't sleep a lot this weekend due to a weird stomach bug traveling through the female line of the family so it was a stretch to make it to church today. but we did make it...albeit for an hour. 

on this beautiful easter sunday, i feel an immense amount of gratitude for my savior. he has made it possible for me to have this little family of mine forever. there are moments when everyone is crying (myself included) and forever seems undesirable, but luckily those moments pass and are replaced with days full of light and laughter. i believe my heaven will be filled with lots of light and laughter. 

my family is not perfect. we all have our areas of weakness, but together we fit like a jigsaw puzzle. we have some really great redeeming characteristics too. i am grateful for a god who knows the end from the beginning. he sees me and my family not only as we are but more importantly for what we can become. he has given us the necessary tools and lots of love and patience to help us on our journey to becoming better. he has also given us his perfect son, jesus christ. while i may not write about my beliefs too often on this blog, let it be known that i believe in jesus christ. he is often on my mind. the very thought of him calms me in the middle of my restless days and sometimes lonely periods of life. 

i love easter. it always comes just when i need to be reminded that winter is always followed by spring. sunday always follows friday (read message here). and flowers always sprout when the snow melts. we will not always experience hardships and trials, we were not sent to earth for that purpose. we are here to find happiness. god has given us families to help us find that happiness. i am grateful for the family i was born into and for the small family i am forming now with my dashing husband. 

i hope you had a lovely day and were able to feel a bit of peace from the real source of peace.


  1. Beautiful family picture. Happy Easter to you guys.

  2. Great picture! (Who was your awesome photographer?) ;)

    Love your blog. I knew you had one, but realized just now I could get to it from your email. This will be my way of keeping up with you guys.


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