egg hunt 2013

Oh to be a kid again. Seriously. Who doesn't like running around on a serious hunt for candy-filled eggs? It used to be my favorite holiday. I still remember driving a half a mile to my grandparents' house (why we didn't walk there more is still a mystery), jumping out of our old gold sedan and racing to the backyard in search of eggs. My grandpa is still the best egg filler and hider I know. Not only did he fill the eggs with delicious jelly beans, but he also threw in some shiny quarters. I think one year I made nearly $10 off the egg hunt, and to a kid $10 is like Christmas. I loved being a kid during the holidays.

It was my goal to get all the unimportant holiday fluff out of the way before Sunday so we could actually celebrate the real reason behind Easter when the day actually arrived. And although my girls did get to find their Easter baskets this morning, I think the focus has been more on Christ and less on the bunny.

Today...and everyday...I am grateful for Jesus Christ. He made it all possible, and for that I am forever in His debt.


  1. impressive playgroup my friend!!! Look at all those cute kids!

  2. What a fun easter egg hunt! Love the peeps in the straw.

  3. Sorry I forgot to ask you how your Easter party playgroup went!?! From the pictures it looks great!


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