peace in the unknown

{look how big this babe is getting lately...:-/}

Early last week, we learned that the future we had planned for ourselves here in Milwaukee could potentially come to an end quicker than expected. That news was confirmed on Friday as Tim sat in a meeting and learned that Milwaukee was no longer continuing the position Tim needs to complete his three-year rotational program with CAT.

Our world...came crashing down.  I have loved living here. It has felt like home since the day the moving truck left our belongings strewn all over the house and lawn.

My initial reaction to the news was anger. That anger turned to confusion. That confusion to sorrow. And that sorrow finally converted to peace after much prayer, meditation and study. Although I desperately wanted to feel peace, it was also the last thing I wanted to feel because it was just so much easier to be angry at the whole situation.

Now I sit totally perplexed as to what to do for me and my family, and I am completely filled with peace about the whole dang thing. How is it possible to have peace in the unknown? It's the strangest feeling, but I'm grateful for it. I don't know what will happen next year, but I am certain that everything will be just as it should be.

my monday morning chatter: 
this post really resounded with me. if you don't know c.jane kendrick...get to know her: I'm an Anger Addict
although not a member of the catholic faith, i happen to like this new pope: Pope Francis
buying this immediately. i love it so much: White Boho Dress
i am in charge of this week's easter playgroup. i'm thinking about making these for the kids: Treat holders
since we can't seem to shake winter, i think i just might make some more soups/stews: Baked Vegetable Beef Stew
i can't seem to get these guys out of my mind and wish i could see them in concert again: Barrel of a Gun
and eliza...i haven't been able to shake these lyrics either. this is for you: Mandolin Rain

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