being married to a sports fan

My husband is a sports fan. He knows nearly every fact about every sport and can still remember final game scores of important games of his childhood. It's crazy. If you know him, you know that his real passion is directed at any sport from Michigan. He follows the Lions, the Tigers, the Red Wings and all things Michigan. No matter if they are doing well or doing poorly, he is one of their number one fans. There is no room for fair weather fans in this house. It is just not accepted.

Although Tim loves everything Michigan, he is still very up with all the other teams and is usually very honest about how he feels a particular team is doing. It drives him crazy when he meets a person who likes a team and only knows things about that team. That conversation goes like this, "Yeah, I like Michigan. But I follow just about anyone. You? like ______. What do you think about their odds in the conference? Oh you haven't followed anyone else. Hmm." Silence.

When Tim and I were dating, I didn't really understand the depth of Tim's love for sports. Sure, he'd talk about things here and there, but I never witnessed Tim during college football season so it was a real eye opener when I watched in awe as my new, sweet husband paced the floor screaming at the television. It also surprised me that our conversations would go stagnant if I didn't mention something about sports. That never happened while we dated. Never. I guess we were just so interested in each other.

So I started reading ESPN religiously during our first year of marriage. I bookmarked the page and scrolled through the headlines at least twice a day so I would be aware of what Tim knew before he brought it up in conversation. You can only imagine how desirable I was to Tim once he saw I was putting forth an effort to love what he loved. And then one day in the late fall of our first year of marriage, I found myself completely consumed with sports. I loved it all. Tim had taught me the rules of most sports so I really loved watching most the sports with him. We grew together with sports. Isn't that ridiculous? Well, it's true.

Well, my time is limited these days. I don't watch television anymore so I never watch ESPN. I try and read ESPN three times a week, but I just don't get around to it as often I would like. know....they happen to be more important to me. Tim still knows everything and fills me in on the most important news. And when the timing is perfect, we still catch games on t.v. when the kids go to bed. So it was for us during March Madness.

Oh March Madness. I believe I have an ulcer because of you. Just watching my husband watch you gave me that dang ulcer. My stomach is still doubling over after Monday's game. Poor Michigan. I really thought they had a chance. And they did. I don't really know what happened to their offense in the last four minutes of the game, and I don't know where they found the refs, but man that game was painful.

And if it was painful to can only imagine what my husband was like. It wasn't pretty. After the game was over I told Tim I was glad the season was over. I really don't know how much more I could've stomached. Tim politely reminded me, "Oh baby, baseball season just began." It never ends in this house.

{this was obviously from a previous game. he was not so happy during monday's game.}

now you understand why i didn't get a chance to do my monday chatter. here you go:
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