{bye bye binkie}

My dad recently mentioned that I don't post enough about my girls on this blog. I thought I did, but I guess it's been awhile since I wrote about things happening around here. I'll be honest...I am so tired. Watching five kids all week has taken its toll. My last day falls on Thursday next week. I can't even tell you how excited I am to get back in the swing of things with just my girls.

I feel like all I do all day everyday is feed, change and cuddle children. There is no downtime with five kids all four and under. I've managed to do it...and quite well I must say...but there is a part of my spirit that is waning. I know that even when I'm back down to three kids I will still be feeding, changing and cuddling all day, but I am ready to do it for just my girls. I don't always get to hug my girls for the amount of time I deem necessary because I am usually off to the next tantrum or crying baby. I also feel like both Mya and V are hitting critical stages and are requiring extra attention that I am unable to give while caring for extra kids.

Mya keeps telling me that she wants to be just like me. I normally correct her and tell her she should really aspire to be more like her dad because let's be honest...he's just better than me in almost every way. But she is kind and reminds me that I am great too and I'm a girl so it's only logical she wants to be like me. She's been wearing my clothes and using my phrases so sometimes she seems so grown up. Those grown up moments deceive me and make me wonder why she ever reverts to acting like a baby. She can still throw some serious tantrums.

V is sooooo frustrating as of late. Just look at that face in the picture above. I decided to take her binkie away during the day, and boy it is so much harder than it was with Mya. Mya didn't really think twice about the whole thing, but V is giving me a run for my money. As soon as I am done babysitting, I will take the binkie away for good. Let's just say...I am in for some sleepless nights. But I am pretty used to those anyway. She is embracing the terrible twos with open arms and throws all kinds of tantrums these days. Tim turned to me yesterday and said, "Where did our sweet girl go?" Exactly. I've been wondering the same thing for at least two weeks now. V is also driving me nuts because all day long all I hear is "Huh?...huh?...huh?" It is so annoying. No matter how slow, soft, loud, fast or exaggerated I speak, she always replies, "Huh?" She is currently doing it to the girl I babysit and the girl keeps repeating her sentence to no avail. I guess when she not directing her "huh" to me it is actually funny.

I'm going to do a new post on Elle this week. I already started working on it. She turns seven months this month. Can you believe that? She still seems smaller than seven months because she is slower than my other girls (regarding physical skills), but I am loving that she can finally sit on her own now. She sits like a champ.

Well, Elle just started crying and the girl I babysit is getting frustrated with V so I better go. So it is with my life:) Look for my Monday chatter later tonight.

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