if all husbands were like him...

If all husbands were like my husband...
more wives would receive phone calls at lunch
more flowers would adorn countertops
more daughters would prefer their fathers
more employers would compliment their workers
more blankets would be used to cover nervous faces during sports
more wives would never feel jealous or suspicious
more houses would get cleaned while the wife was away
more widowed grandmas would receive phone calls
more neighbors would feel welcome
more hugs and kisses would be freely given
more moms wouldn't feel so alone. 

{my girls absolutely adore him.}

my monday evening chatter: 
i have a lot of pregnant friends right now receiving some unwarranted comments: What not to say to a pregnant lady
i'm on the hunt for some nice wedges since my cheap pair bit the dust after two days: Lanah Wedge
my wardrobe will be a lot brighter this summer. i'm just so happy i'm not pregnant: City chino
mya and i have loved watching all the birds cluttering our lawn. this will be this week's craft: Paper plate birds
spring makes me want to eat more salads, especially fruit salads: Honey Lime Fruit Salad
i taught this girl in argentina. i happen to love her broken English version of this song: You and I

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