our ticket to hogwarts

{top: daddy owl//bottom: baby owl}

We have four owls crowding our pine tree in the front yard. The dad actually has a nest in a tree nearby (according to some insanely smart bird watchers), but the mom and her two babies reside in a huge nest outside. The babies have to be about two months old now. You can see the baby owl is losing its fur and is rapidly growing feathers. Some other bird watchers told me they will leave the nest soon. I am not all that smart when it comes to owls so I have no idea if that means they will leave the nest for good or just learn to fly. I'll keep you posted. 

I have loved having these owls out front. Since I can't have a dog, I pretend they are my pets. They would actually be exceptional pets seeing as they don't require anything from me, but I don't really enjoy picking up all the animal remains they leave below the tree. You can only imagine how many legs and tails I had to clean up before we were able to have the Easter egg hunt outside. 

Until they fly the coop, these guys are our ticket to Hogwarts. We feel pretty lucky.

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  1. These are great pictures! How fun to have a little owl family. :)


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