a declaration

tonight i declare genevieve grey to be one potty-trained princess. admittedly, i hate (we try not to say hate in this house) strongly dislike when moms go on and on and on about potty training their kids so i will keep this post short. it's mostly a post for me anyway.

potty training v was rather difficult. i hardly remember potty training mya. i think i had to turn the faucet on one time to promote some peeing action, but all in all she caught on rather quickly and that was the end of that. it was not so easy with v. no amount of coaxing, pleading or bribing would get her to attempt #2 on the potty. i don't know why. she had done it before...just never on command. so it was a bit trickier, but i am a master you know...a master of my own kids. i know their little brains inside and out so i knew that with time and a lot of patience and a bag of dum dums, she would finally do the deed.

it's been several days now and she is feeling rather confident in herself. (jenny...you can't count the park yesterday...they really need to open their bathrooms!) i am also feeling rather proud of myself. i am not the most patient person so i had to really reign in my crazy demons in order to accomplish this silly little task, and i did. go me. no, but really...go me!

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