on being called mother

Every time a child is born
So is a Mother. 

Most days I can't believe old enough to be married let alone have children entrusted to my care. I have been a mother for four years, seven months and one day. Some days I feel like I became a mom yesterday and yet most days I can't remember life without children. 

My children fill every minute of my day. Even as they nap and find themselves in some wonderful dreamland, I stand at the counters preparing their next meal. I doubt they notice how many times I sweep up after them or how many times I wipe boogers from their noses, but I know they know their lives completely depend on me. And for Elle, quite literally. Nursing is seriously such a beautiful thing.

I have pondered the pure beauty of parenting for years now. I remember thinking about it in the wee hours of the morning as I sat alone at a wooden desk in Argentina. I would sit and think about my relationship with God--my Heavenly Father, and my mind drift to my own parents and the hope of my own future family. Being a mother is teaching me so much about God. About the way he waits, about the way he listens, about the way he patiently nudges me along in certain directions and about the way he quietly says no when no needs to be said. It has been a lifelong lesson to learn why and how God says no so frequently to me. But as I continuously grow as a mother, I am learning why saying no often keeps my kids in the safest route possible. 

I love being a mom. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and will probably ever do. The title "mother" is no longer foreign to me. I hear the words "Mom," "Mama" and "Mother" more than 100 times a day for it to seem odd anymore. I feel like I have found my groove as a mom. I am finding a wonderful balance of doing all my motherly duties while still giving my girls enough one on one time (although I can guarantee Mya would ask for more...she always does). 

Every minute in the past 4+ years of being a mother has been an honor. I am lucky to have such an incredible man supporting me through all the ups and downs. He really pulls his weight when I can hardly pull mine. He honors me in every way a man should. I really am so lucky. 

please enjoy my small ride down memory lane: 
 ^^still such a student with the writing on my hand. the first time i laid eyes on my first creation. no words to really describe that moment.^^

^^my genevieve looked just like her father the moment i saw her. she may love me almost as much as tim. she really loves me for some crazy reason. ^^

^^and my elle belle...the bond i have with her is indescribable. all those morning walks talking to her really have made all the difference. there is wisdom behind her baby blues.^^

^^mya's first birthday^^
^^games with mya in provo^^
 ^^new year's eve 2011. a night fit for royalty.^^
^^snuggling with genevieve^^
 ^^she has always loved her, even if she struggles to show it these days.^^
 ^^their first day in skinny jeans. let's just be honest...v rocked them^^
 ^^mya seeing elle at home for the first time^^
^^i need to blow this up and hang it somewhere because it is my favorite picture of all of us^^


  1. Such a sweet post! I agree that you should blow up that last picture. It is precious.

  2. These pictures are so wonderful, how fun to relive all those moments, it just goes to show that every child is completely unique and a big surprise as to what they will be like... you may have 3 girls but they are all so uniquely different.

  3. Beautifully written. I have to speak in church tomorrow and I may just read your blog post and sit down. :) You surely have three darling daughters, and yes indeed, that last picture is a great one. And congrats to V on being potty-trained, I believe you. :) And congrats to you!

  4. Beautiful. Love all these pictures. Being a mother sometimes is hard, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


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