another reason to come back

Tim and I went on a date earlier this week and decided to visit some of our favorite streets to snap pictures of gorgeous Tosa houses. I feel like if I document all the little things I love about Tosa I will have plenty of reasons to return in a couple of years when San Diego seems so tempting.

I know San Diego and all its bells and whistles will seem very appealing when Tim and I decide where to make our family permanent. Everything I read about it makes me feel like I am moving to a dream city, but the more I read...the more I am convinced it is not my dream city. I will embrace it with open arms for the entire time we live there, but I want to return to these streets, homes and trees.

I am actually hoping the house we currently live in will be up for sale so I can buy it and renovate it and live beneath my big knotty tree forever. Wouldn't that be a dream?

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  1. I love the charm of Tosa. House hunting was so fun here.


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