the last day of preschool

doesn't it seem like yesterday that i sent my baby girl to her very first day of preschool?

today i sent her to her very last day at preschool at curiosity corner: 

mya just sobbed and sobbed this morning when i reminded her that today would be her last day at preschool. i had been prepping her for this moment for the past two weeks, but i guess it finally hit her today. she has loved her experience at curiosity corners. i have to admit...i have too. i would not choose any other pre-school for my girls and hope we come back in time so that v or elle can attend. 

mya's teachers mrs. pfaff and mrs. bartsch were terrific with mya. if you don't know this already, mya is an emotional rollercoaster. she is happy one minute and literally in tears the next. i was very scared to send her to school because i had no idea how anyone else would handle her mood swings. when i attended the initial parent-teacher conference, her teachers addressed all of my concerns and told me that although she was very emotional that everything she would do was still in the normal range. you can't even begin to imagine how much that helped my nervous brain. 

she really struggled for the first four months. i didn't know if she'd ever come around, but something clicked after christmas break and she came back a calmer mya (at least at school). she listened to directions better. she didn't freak out every time they asked her not to do something. and she began to work well with others. she has grown up so much. i attribute a lot of it to the people at her preschool. 

i honestly cannot detail the depth of my love for mya. she is a complex character in my book of life. she is wise beyond her years and cares for people in a way that is hard to explain. preschool helped her develop a broader imagination and a deeper love of art. her teacher said mya painted and colored more pictures than any other kid in her class. if they ever wondered where mya was, she was behind the easel painting her mama a picture. if they ever needed an outlet to help mya calm down, they put a crayon in her hand. i couldn't have asked for better teachers. 

happy graduation day sweet girl! as corny as preschool graduations are (and hers was suuuuper corny), it was so fun to see you so big and confident. i'm proud of you. 

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