tell me what's more american than baseball

Please tell me what's more American than baseball, hot dogs, the wave and fireworks. Nothing. Although this house is dominated by females and their wacky hormones, it is also almost equally dictated by sports. And as of late, baseball (with the occasional NHL and/or NBA final game) is our passion. 

To his core, Tim is a Tiger fan. We have never lived in an area where he has been able to fully watch his team year round, but don't worry...that doesn't stop him. He gets minute-by-minute updates on his phone and follows them even when he can't see them. We decided that when we move back to Milwaukee, we might also become Brewer fans. How is it possible that he can be a fan of both teams? Well, one is in the American league and the other belongs to the National league. He will of course claim the Tigers for life, but I do believe the Brewers will grow on him. 

Today, in honor of America and everything it stands for, we decided to go to a baseball game. Tim's aunt and uncle invited us to sit with them, and we had a blast. It was the girls first major league game and they did so well. I didn't think they'd last one inning. They fooled me. They always fool me. 

It was the perfect beginning to the Memorial weekend.

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