i hope they remember

^^photo by genevieve grey^^

Want to know one of my biggest fears? I fear my kids will only remember the crazy me. The me that yells like crazy to get the kids in the car when we are running ten minutes late. The me that flips out when the girls run through the pile of muck I've recently swept. Or the me that says bitter sarcastic things without thinking just because I'm tired and well...mostly just tired. 

Those moments use to happen a lot. They don't anymore. But I am still hard on myself and on them when things I plan don't always go as planned. I am slowly learning to be flexible, but it is a learning curve. You know? 

I want them to remember moments like the one above where I hug them so tight and let them claw at my face just because it makes them laugh. Or the moments I let them dress me because they know "what mommies should wear." Or the moments where I kiss their face all over until they squeal for freedom. Or the moments where they help me bake and steal tasties every time I turn my head. Or all the moments we spend reading book after book after naptime. 

I love being a mom. It is going to refine the crazy out of me even if it takes a lifetime.

my monday morning chatter: 
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  1. Check out this blog. It is helping me with that yelling thing. So many of us do it and I'm trying to take control!!!


  2. I have the same fears. My yelling is something I really am trying to work on. I hope my kids will forgive my faults (I really and trying) and remember the good times.

    By the way, this picture is priceless. Love it!

  3. your words are perfect. and the picture is worth 1000 words.

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    not many people have entered yet, so the chance of winning is high, if you're interested :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean. And fingers crossed all our girlies remember the good things more than the times we lose our patience! x


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