one day i might write a book about moving

{Taken today on our way home from Michigan. Oh Wisconsin, I will miss you.}

One day, I might write a book about moving. And it will likely be the most boring book you'll ever read.

But seeing as I am quickly becoming an expert on moving, I feel like I should impart some wisdom that I have gleamed over the years:

--Use your resources: Before we move, we always get in contact with someone who lives at our future destination. We didn't know a soul in Peoria so we called a local church leader in the area who then put us in contact with a young family who were comparable to our situation. I called and became quick friends with the mom, and she helped us locate our house in that area. For Milwaukee, we talked to Tim's aunt and uncle about where to live. Once we narrowed our options, I again contacted a church leader in the area and found our current rental. I can't express this enough: use your resources. If you don't have any, make them and make them fast
--Dejunk daily: The day I learn we are moving I begin throwing away roughly a garbage bag of unwanted junk/trash/papers a day. This makes it sound like we have piles of junk lying around our house. Not so. It always amazes me how much junk can accumulate in drawers, on nightstands and under coffee tables so I am always quick to get rid of anything and everything. Become friends with your trash can and don't be afraid to throw things away. I promise you will not need that receipt in six months. 
--Organize rooms/closets into categories: We are lucky enough to have movers pack all of our stuff. I guess lucky is a relative term because I would rather pack all my own things because I like to organize as I go, but it is nice to have movers because they do what I do in a month in four hours. So I'm not complaining. However, unless you want to find loose change or random lipsticks/chapsticks wrapped in packing paper, organize things into ziplock bags or make piles so the movers can easily pack boxes the way you want. Be aware of your small items. I've lost plenty of small, expensive items because I didn't know they were wrapped in packing paper.
--Ask for help: I never really need help in the packing and organizing department, but I do need help when it comes to cleaning. Usually I do all the cleaning myself because I am meticulous in the way I do things and know what landlords are looking for when they complete the final cleaning check. However, it is impossible to clean with three little sticky girls running around the house. People are always offering to help so rather than asking them to help me clean, I ask them to take shifts with my girls and I clean while my kids enjoy the toys and outdoors of a friend's house. This year, I may also take people up on their offers to help clean my house just to get it done in a timely matter. I must emphasize this is easy to clean a house that is cleaned regularly. I deep clean my house a lot so it really isn't all that difficult come moving day. 
--Move on a Thursday/Friday, and then take a few days off: We try to move right before the weekend so we can move in on Saturday and Sunday. Tim also opts to take a few days off right after we get to a new locations so we can organize things before work begins. It would take months to put things away if he did not take a few days off. We basically work until wee hours of the night to get things done because like I said, it is so hard to do anything with these little munchkins of ours so early mornings, naptimes and late nights are our friends for a few days.
--Decorate as soon as possible: It is easier to feel at home if your new house actually looks like a home. I know some people wait to decorate or don't see a need to decorate "if they are just renting" but I disagree completely. I love getting my art and pictures on the walls.
--Realize your budget is going to go out the window during the month you move: Moving tanks your budget. You always eat out more than you plan and unexpected expenses always arise so be flexible with yourself and your budget.

Those are a few pointers I can give you out of my experience. I honestly can't believe California will be the fourth state Genevieve will live in, and she's two! Nothing but family is ever really constant in our life so I am grateful to have flexible girls. They may not love moving, but they do it because they are always excited to embark on "new adventures."

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