it will be a long time michigan...

 ^^mya helped grama doot make some really delicious homemade pizza.^^

^^this girl really knows how to eat her ice cream. she gets that from both sides of the family.^^ 

^^tim's mom invited all the extended family down to kalamazoo on saturday for a bbq cookout. everyone really outdid themselves with the ribs, the potato salad, the spaghetti salad, the homemade baked beans and the caramel brownies. i'll be running it off for a week.^^

^^although genevieve isn't smiling, you should know that she loves michigan and she loves her grama. it will be so hard for her to not see her every few months. my girls have been really spoiled.^^

Oh Michigan, you were my first introduction to the Midwest. You tricked me into falling in love with all your colorful leaves, delicious apple cider and die-hard football fans. I will miss having you four hours away. I know we will be back, but it won't be for a long, long time. Four flights from San Diego cost a pretty penny. And considering the cost of living in San Diego, we will probably use all those pretty pennies. 

Until next time...

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