As children, my siblings and I begged my dad to rent a boat for a day or a half day or an hour (we were willing to compromise!), but money was always too tight and dad said we were shore fishermen anyways so we rarely got to ride in a boat. Well as I said in a previous post, my dad has gone soft in his older years, and he rented a boat for the grandkids one day. 

They loved it! Well, they loved the idea of the boat. Once they were on the boat and realized they couldn't immediately jump in the deep lake, they were ready to be back on shore. It's hard to entertain four kids on a pontoon boat, but we did it. And in the end, it was one great day!

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  1. Where is this gorgeous lake? Is it near San Dieago? It looks lovely. And it looks like you had a lovely time with your family. I bet you'll see a lot more of your bro these days which I bet is nice for you. I'm sorry you are lonely. I just had a friend who moved to Minneapolis come back to WI for a week (her inlaws live here) b/c she was lonely and it made me sad. I immediately drove the hour to see her b/c even though I'm still here with plenty of familiarity around me I still miss those who have moved (like yourself). I get so attached to friends that it breaks my heart when we part ways and know we will likely never live in the same place again. So anyway, I miss you too, i hope you can find a community of friends and feel at home soon.


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