more magic.

 please excuse the ridiculous amount of pictures in this post. i didn't really have the energy or the time to separate make separate posts so i just threw it all into one extra long one. i figured it would at least give your finger a worker out as it held the scroll button for a really long time. 

let's talk about disneyland for a second, shall we? it really is a magical place. tim and i would go there alone if we could. we like it that much. it's just one of those places where you feel like you ought to be a kid again because being a kid is just that much fun. my girls loved disneyland. and after i got over the initial shock that i would not be riding my favorite rides rather i'd be riding new ones called "pinocchio's daring journey" and "dumbo the flying elephant," i just let myself go and enjoy the whole park through the girls' eyes. and oh how i wish you could've seen their eyes sparkle. 

mya is still talking about how she met all her princesses and v likes to whisper, "mama guess what...i saw MINNIE MOUSE!" she usually screams the last part. we are so grateful for the people who made the experience possible. we have some pretty amazing family members who love us a lot. thanks again for making it all happen. that is a day we will always remember.

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  1. So fun! Loved all the pictures. Your girls are so cute!


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