my girl is a daddy's girl even though she is fiercly attached to her mama.

I intended to post this picture on Father's Day, but as luck would have it...Father's Day was another fail this year. We're always knee deep in cardboard and packing tape that Tim doesn't get any cute handmade cards or letters. And between you and me...he's the better parent so he totally deserves them. 

There isn't much more that I can say about this man than I've already said, but you should know that even though he is the world's best dad...he is an even better spouse. He puts me first. ALWAYS. He thinks I am wonderful. ALWAYS. Even if I'm being naughty and letting my mouth run on and on and on as it can you know. And he thinks I am beautiful. ALWAYS. Today I was rolling around on the ground with Elle and we were playing as we often do when he came in and looked at me with those deep brown eyes and told me how beautiful I was. Moments later I got up and walked into the bathroom only to find leftover swim hair pulled back into the grossest bun on the planet and a chocolate-stained cheek. 

I got a good one. Okay...I got the best one. I am the luckiest, and these girls of mine don't even know how good they've got it. But they will...I'll be sure to drill it into them.

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