it's always fun when friends come to's always hard to say goodbye.

I'm super behind in posting so I just thought I'd throw these up because I know my dear friend has been waiting for them. Our dear friends drove up from Peoria just before we moved just to spend a few days with us. It was a delightful visit. Mya loves "her Benjamin" as she calls him and was quite entranced by his bright orange cast. I too love "my Kara" as I should call her because she is one of the most genuine people I've ever met. Why she took a liking to me is always a wonder?! 

But I do love you Kara. And I love your kids. I will miss you dearly all the way over here in sunny San Diego, but you know...I do believe we might be able to squeeze like sardines and fit quite nicely if you come to visit. I have a nice pool and a couple dozen beaches and a pretty remarkable zoo and a place called Sea World...did I convince you to visit yet? Just sayin...

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  1. Love all of the pictures. Thanks for such a wonderful visit. Izzy and Ben constantly talk about Mya and V and San Diego :)


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