nine months

{all photos taken by genevieve} 

Elle is nearly ten months now, but I didn't want to forget to post these pictures Genevieve took one rainy morning before we left. Elle obviously wanted nothing to do with V or her camera, but oh well. Elle is really starting to sit on her own for a good long time now (finally!). Of course, she is completely in love with me so if I walk into the room I spoil everything and she finds her spot on my hip immediately, but we are making progress. Real progress. 

She started crawling two weeks ago and is getting into everything. She got her first four teeth the week before we moved so we were blessed with a nasty runny nose and itchy ears for the flight, but we've made it. She's a doll and although I miss her gummy smile...her toothy grin is just about as delightful as doughnuts on a Saturday morning. And speaking of doughnuts...I need to find a bakery around here. 

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