beauty and cars.

California is home to some really beautiful people. I mean...drop dead, jaw-dropping people. I find myself dressing up to go to the circle store (you all know which store I mean...come on...Target) because beautiful people line the toilet cleaner aisle of Target too. And I can't be the only lame duck waddling around the store in my very ripped and stained scrub pants. I did it once, and I'm not doing it again.

Tonight as I walked aimlessly around our closest mall hoping to find some decent shoes that won't make my arches ache at night, I did quite a lot of people gawking. I didn't see a single dressed down person. I too have already succumbed to the silent peer pressure and wore a dress to the mall. Me? A dress? At 6:30 at night when I'm normally content in my jams? Everywhere I looked I saw bright pink or red lipstick pasted on enhanced lips, itsy-bitsy mini-skirts over toned running legs, drastic parts in men's gelled hair, too-tight skinnies, recently-highlighted hair. People take beauty seriously take note visitors. We're not in Kansas anymore. Haha. But seriously, jams are always welcomed at this house.

Not only do people spend too much money on their appearance, they also throw a lot of money at their set of wheels. Tim and I can't believe how many nice cars we see each day. I guess people figure they have to invest in a sweet ride since they live in it more than they live at their own house. However, I'm left wondering if they can really afford their cars since I see so many drivers on the side of the road waiting for someone to bring them gas. They can afford a Mercedes but can't afford the gas to make it run? Questionable.

Just a few squabbles I have had clunking around in my brain over the past few weeks. Tim likes the fact that all these beautiful people have me feeling like I need to step it up a notch. I see him checking me out all the time. But don't worry about us buying a BMW, we can't afford it. We will never be able to afford it. We are happy with our almost ten-year-old Accord. Plus, I won't let him buy an expensive car unless he plans on caring for it so I don't see it in his future any time soon.

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