how did i survive?

i've been sick since friday. being sick in the summer shouldn't be allowed. i'm slowly recovering from a fuzzy brain syndrome, which includes but is not limited to the following symptoms: stuffy nose, clogged ears, severe headache, scratchy and raw throat, and achy bones. luckily (or unluckily for tim), this happened to me over the weekend because i basically wanted to lie in bed all day everyday. and tim let me do that. god bless husbands, especially the good ones.

this afternoon when i sat with tissue stuck to my nose, i began looking through old pictures and i came across a picture of genevieve when she was about ten or eleven months old and i was one or two months pregnant with elle, and i thought how in the world did i survive morning sickness with a baby that young. how did i do that? seriously. it was painful, but i did it.

moms are amazing. we don't get sick days or days off. we don't get a lot of breaks, even when a break is desperately needed. we turn on our survival mode and get things done. being a mom has taught me so many things, and one of the main things is how to survive. and happily i might add.

enjoy some of my old favorite phone memories of mya and v: 


  1. You guys make such cute girls! Feel better--let me know if you need anything!

  2. seriously! i have a cold right now that is kicking my trash.


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