i'm in arizona visiting my family and playing with my babies. my parents just might be one of the only families left in the united states without wifi in their home. to get connected, i have to take my laptop into the computer room and sit there attached to the wall by an extremely yellow cord. my girls nap and sleep in that same computer room so it is virtually impossible to connect...unless you come to mcdonalds just as i am right this minute and sit next to a few over-caffinated prepubescent kids. it's every mom's nightmare. 

i just worked for two hours and am about to close up shop and head home to enjoy my hopefully well-napped children. i love being home with my family. i don't love, however, the intense heat that awaits me outside. the heat is suffocating. i've gone on two runs since being here, and let's just say they weren't pretty runs. i came home all sweaty and zapped of energy that i had to just lie down for an hour after. i am missing my bun. he is missing me too. he came down with a nasty stomach bug after eating that rotisserie chicken he's dreamed about for the past five years. i bet it will be another five years until he gets another one. i wish i could cuddle him tonight and tomorrow, but he'll have to wait another day. 

we are just loving this break away a little too much. plus, i am not ready to attempt that awful drive home alone again. it took it all out of me the last time. 


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