six years

Six years ago I married a man I hardly knew. Sure, I knew he was good and true and loyal and everything I needed, but I did not know how right he was for me in every way. I learn day by day how right he is for me and with every passing year, we come to know each other on a deeper, more intimate level.

He has seen me through a handful of pregnancies. He has wiped away my tears countless times. He has listened to me without passing an ounce of judgment. He has let me make my own decisions. He has let me fail. He has picked me up and pushed me to try again. He has given me solutions. He has been on my side every single day.

Nothing and no one ever comes before me. Not a crying, whiny child. Not a Tigers game. Not a Michigan game. Not work. Not friends.

It has been said before, but I will echo it again here that to love someone as flawed as I is no small feat. I am difficult, stubborn, determined, assertive. You get the picture. But he loves me; his strengths hide my flaws. And I should note just so you don't think Tim is superhuman, he too is a flawed character in this book we are writing together. He makes mistakes. But when it comes to me, he has always tried so hard to make things work.

I could give you dozens of examples, but they would probably bore you or make your cheeks so red from embarrassment that I think I will pass. Just know that we work hard everyday at our marriage. We are very much in love. We have moments when we don't like each other, but we always come back to each other at night.

I am so glad we chose each other. Heaven help me, no one else would have me.

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