a little pre-birthday celebration

You know me. You know that I'll take any excuse to bake a tasty batch of cupcakes for the girls. My parents were in town last weekend to celebrate Mya's 5th birthday. (I honestly can't believe she's going to be 5 on Wednesday, but I'll leave that for another sappy post.) We enjoyed our time together by visiting the zoo, swimming in the pool and eating multiple cupcakes. Mya was in heaven, as were all of our bellies.

A tiny side note: I have loved being close to my family. Close being a relative term since it is still a six hour drive home, but it is the closest I have been and will ever be to my parents. Something is happening to me in my *old* age, I'm becoming a sentimental fool. I live to see my family. I am so glad I can be with them, even if it's for a short period.

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  1. Mya is growing to be such a pretty girl! All your girls are so much bigger. Happy Birthday, Mya! I can't believe Elle is walking! Her walk is to die for. I just caught up with the blog. The cake looks absolutely delicious! I think you need to post the recipe:) Miss you all!!


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