Dear Mya,

You are five today. Five?! Every year on the day before your birthday I want to find a Village Inn and eat some chocolate pie and onion rings just to remember your birth. You know that was the last meal I ate before you were born, right? Seems fitting really.

I love you to the moon and back. I love how much of a lady you can be. I love how kind and tender you are. When I think of who you are at the moment, I think of this picture. You are always creating something beautiful. You are an artist. An artist in so many forms: you act, you paint, you draw, you write and you sing. When I think of who you'll be in the future, I know you will be someone important. You can command an audience, and you can lead people to do whatever it is you are doing, good or bad. You have an amazing ability to forgive. You have a wise soul.

I love you baby girl. You continue to make me a better person and a better mom. You keep on dreaming because I have no doubt that all your dreams will come true, if you put your mind to them.


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