a princess for the day

 We made her close her eyes before we brought out the cake. 

 All is fun for just a minute...
 ...until V blew out more candles and Mya freaked out. 

Mya loved her birthday. She was still a little stinker...let's not even go there. This girl can drive me crazy in t-minus five minutes whenever there is a birthday. It's always, "Where are my presents? Why don't I get more? Why is it so-and-so's birthday? Why can't I have that?" And why questions go on and on and on. Blah. 

But we treated this girl like royalty. We decorated the house with pink and white streamers and pink balloons. I made a ridiculously hard castle cake and put princess dolls around it; her eyes lit up at the sight of it. She received some very generous gifts and so many hugs. 

I think my favorite moment of the day was when I took her to school. Tim's mom is here so I was able to take her to school alone. We jumped on the swings and did a race to see who could swing higher faster. As we were swinging, I asked her if she loved me. I told her how much I loved her and why I loved her and she said, "Mom, I love you so much. I even love you when you yell. You're kind of a stinker when you yell, but I still love you." And I responded, "You yell too, so does that mean you're a stinker too?" She looked at me and emphatically shouted, "Yes mom, I guess we're the same." 

I love this girl.

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