dispelling a rumor

I am not pregnant.

I have received a few phone calls and emails over the past two weeks from friends/family wondering if I am pregnant. I understand I caused a bit of confusion when I posted about my baby itch a few weeks ago, but let it be known that I am not pregnant nor am I trying to get pregnant. My IUD is firmly placed and will not be removed for some time, unless something crazy happens.

My baby itch is just an itch. I told Tim the other night that I love the idea of creating life. It is such a beautiful thing, and it's addictive. Although I might be ready to create a new life, I am not prepared to care for that life so I will just wait until I am ready.

There. Rumor dispelled.

Can you blame me for wanting to create more of these little beauties? I mean...c'mon. 

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