oh monday, monday, monday.

oh monday. oh monday, monday, monday. today i despise you, but only because i wish for one more day in the weekend to spend with that man i call my husband.

last night was a really good night. one of the ones that reminds you why you decided to take that giant leap and get married in the first place. one that makes you long for more hours in the day to spoon and to giggle and to kiss. one that makes you smile from ear to ear the next morning.

i wish the weekend allowed for more of those special nights. our weekends always feel so jam-packed with running to and from fun places with the kids that tim and i rarely have time to just sit together and be still. sure, we watch some tv to unwind at the end of the night, but i don't count watching tv together as actually being together. it's just two warm bodies sitting side by side watching a different reality rather than enjoying the present one. and although it's totally acceptable and completely needed (especially after a long day with kids), sometimes it's nice to turn the tv off and just be still with the one who makes you happiest.

i should be napping right now since my girls are napping, but i had to work instead. i procrastinated some deadlines and just finished them knowing full-well that someone is bound to wake up any second. so i'll forgo my much needed nap to write just a blurp because sometimes that's all you need.

oh monday. i have to admit...i wish it was still sunday night.

and bun, i love you. i'm daydreaming about you as we speak.

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