san diego

i've had hard feelings for this city i call home for quite some time, probably since the day i stepped into humid ocean air. it's as is i closed off my heart to san diego long before we came and refused to open it, even if that meant just a little bit.

i blame it on my love for the midwest, wisconsin especially. my memories and friends of milwaukee remain present in my mind everyday. they're like one large, tangible elephant in the room making it hard to see anything else. well, a few weeks ago, i decided i was being dumb. real dumb. i decided i needed to change my attitude because the chances of me actually living on the west coast permanently are basically zero, so i started viewing this year as one long vacation. and you know what, san diego is really beautiful.

everyday on my runs, i look over my complex and see rolling hills and narrow bridges connecting the hills. i am a lover of bridges. i find comfort in their design and architecture. tall, skinny palm trees dot every street and hill for miles. the sky is always bright blue and cumulonimbus clouds fill the my afternoon dreams. san diego beaches are dreamy, featuring soft, warm sand and cool water on any given day. the temperature has not dipped below 70 during the day. it is a fool's paradise.

this is not my home, but it is a beautiful place to live. i am happy my girls get to experience all that they do each week. our weekends are filled with beach trips, zoo excursions and shamu visits. we are constantly busy. i guess we'll rest the next place we move to. i'm sure it won't have as many sites to boast of.

tim and i are busy making life decisions. suddenly, or i guess not so suddenly...i mean i have three kids...i feel like an adult. we talk each night about the little details of our future and fall asleep wondering what will be next.

i have lots to post, but work has been keeping me busy when the kids aren't around. i'll post again very soon.

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