a happy visit

I am seriously so behind in blogging. Oh well. Cathy visited us a few weeks ago, and we had a great time enjoying the California sunshine together (although I do think it was the coldest week we've experienced since we moved here). It's been quite an adjustment living on the west coast because we don't get to see Tim and Cathy as much. The girls were lucky enough to see them frequently when we lived in the Midwest because they were always within 5 hours of us. The girls were begging for Cathy to come and loved it when she was here.

My girls love both sets of grandparents, and they know how lucky they are to have them. They are always showered with love whether it be through the mail, personal visits or skype. I am so grateful for modern technology that allows them to remain close to each of them, even if they are far away. As a parent, I find it fun and interesting to watch each of my girls form different bonds with each of their grandparents.

Again, thank you for coming Cathy.

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