it's a chilly 63 degrees over here.

It's a chilly 63 degrees over here (**said in my bitterly sarcastic voice**). It's so cool I've seen five dogs in sweaters/jackets shivering around my neighborhood. I overheard one neighbor say, "C'mon boy, it's freezing out here." Yes,'s freezing. Just pee already so your neighbor can go back inside and call in sick. I saw two women walking into Target with full-length parkas, one of them wasn't even 30 yet. I mean, hello, I'll let it slide on the 60 year old woman on account of the fact that all older people I know feel cold always. But a 20-something year old? Nope. You do not get to collect your $200 and pass go. The line at Starbucks was busy today no doubt with everyone ordering their extra-hot drinks to stay warm in the blistery cold air. And should we talk about the people running outside with ear muffs? No, we probably shouldn't. 

I'll admit the wind is cooler than well, yesterday, but it is not cold. I don't even know if I'd call this soup weather yet. Oh I miss soup weather. And oh how I miss that crisp, cold gust of air that hits your face and reminds you winter is creeping around the corner. That little gust always got me in the mood for decorating for the seasonal holidays. So far, all said decorations have remained in their sad little tuperware box collecting dust.

I am feeling extra ornery today, the good kind of ornery, the kind I know will make Tim laugh hard tonight. It's probably because I so enjoy watching people react to just about anything, not to mention 63 degree weather. Hopefully, my spicy little attitude will land me a hot night with Tim because let's be honest, I'm freezing!!! (haha) and he's just the person I need to warm me up.

You get my drift.

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  1. When we moved from WI to TX, I felt like people were the same way about the cold. Ha!


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