my reality

This is my reality.

My almost 3 year old can't kick the binkie, and I sorta don't care. 

My baby girl is looking more and more like a big girl with her big girl stares. 

My husband is known to watch sports on the tv, iPad and laptop all at the same time. 

V is the only one of my kids who enjoys eating Oreos the correct sandwich way, dipped in milk of course. 

While I can't stand our dog most of the time, he is an essential member of this household. Just ask Elle. 

Slurpees on a hot October day are completely necessary. 

 My husband has a better laugh than yours does. 

Elle Belle can match me with her serious looks. 

Donuts are my biggest vice, especially those delicious buttermilk bars right in the middle. I did share one. 

My girls will be raised as donut shop girls, just like me. Thank you Grandpa Bohn!

Elle is also a pirate in her spare time. 

Ice cream with sprinkles is often our saving grace with the girls just before bedtime. 

Apparently, I am also a dog groomer. 

I will never tell you how long actually took me to cut his hair. Never.  

Tim claims Mya dresses just like me. You decide. I might be a little offended. 

Elle is a walking/running fool. She runs away squealing the moment she hears me approaching.  

I made this Thanksgiving tree in hopes we would be more thankful during November. Blue ate it. Guess who is not getting a leaf?

V has been wearing goggles everywhere lately. Didn't you hear it's the latest winter fashion trend? Oh no, hmm. You break it to her then. 

It was 84 degrees the other day when I picked up Mya from school. The city was working on a fire hydrant so the water was gushing down the gutters. We decided to play in the water for a half hour. Most of us drove home half naked or completely naked.  

Elle in a bikini. No words. 

My runs are really keeping me sane lately. 

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