kissing for more than ten seconds

Lately I've been falling hard for the man of the house. I just can't get enough of him. I feel like a school girl daydreaming about an untouchable crush, but luckily I get to remind myself that I'm not thirteen and that my crush is actually my husband and that I can touch him whenever I want. That's a good feeling. I'm so glad I'm not thirteen again.

I am a firm believer that there are ebbs and flows in every relationship. Both are healthy and necessary to propel the relationship to deeper levels. Tim and I have had our share of lows, but we have also enjoyed many seasons of high tide. We are currently riding one high wave, collecting and storing as many memories as possible that might be needed when this wave starts to recede and reminds how humbling life can be. 

I love my husband, and I am also in love with my husband. There is a difference you know. My head gets a little dizzy and my skin grows warm at his touch. We've been kissing more lately. The good kind of know...the kind that lasts for more than ten seconds. My good friend Rusty would say all this love making is a result of turning thirty. He might be right. Turning thirty has definitely had its perks. 

Whatever the reason for this season of being crazy in love with Tim is, I don't really care...I just want it to stay. Stay forever. 

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